Web Vision Centers is dedicated to help grow your practice by using the power of the internet. We have a variety of programs and always take a customized approach designed to take care of your specific needs. Call or contact us today to see how we can help.

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Get a Web Presence Audit

Recommended First Step is to get a Web Presence Assessment
During this web meeting session, an experienced web/social media expert will review with the practice (via a screen-share web meeting), all of the practice’s web properties currently active/online. This includes reviewing the website, Facebook business page, SEO capabilities, other social media sites, online review sites (i.e. Yelp!) and online patient engagement techniques. Our web consultant will review each web property, make recommendations, and suggest a plan-of-action to make improvements. The consultant will also suggest/provide online resources that could potentially assist in a web improvement program. Additionally, the phone consultation session will be followed up with written notes and online resource links.

Web Presence Consultation Session ($99 for up to ½ hour online consultation session) - To Order Your Web Presence Assessment Session, click here .

Get a New Customized Website

We build customized websites specifically for ECP practices
We will confer with the practice to design a website that is customized and designed to reflect the image and marketing message of the practice. Each website is a one-of-a-kind and not created from a template. The website is SEO optimized and Google Analytics enabled to provide website traffic analytics.

Prices for customized websites range from $3k to $5K depending on design and complexity. Click here to get more information about our website development services.

Facebook Page/Social Media Sites Development

We build customized Facebook/social media sites specifically for ECP practices
We take a hard look at what social media online sites (i.e. Facebook page) you already have and make specific recommendations on how to improve them. We will make the changes for you. We can give your Facebook Fan Page a total facelift, tweak your Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, Foursquare, blog page and improve or build from scratch wherever you have a web presence.

Pricing depends on several factors. For example, to build/redesign a Facebook page is typically between $250 and $750. Call or contact us for a custom quote based on your business/practice needs.

Web Coaching Support/Management Programs

We offer various monthly support/coaching programs specifically for ECP practices
We offer a variety of monthly support programs. One of our programs program will coach your staff to manage the Facebook page while another program will do all of the posting and managing your Facebook/social media pages

Online Marketing Management

This plan is designed to provide a full-service social media program for the practice. Web Vision Centers will post for the practice 3 to 4 times per week on several social media platforms. We will also develop a monthly online marketing plan using various social media platforms with the goal of keeping the practice’s “brand” in front of their patients and to attract new patients. The strategy, tactics and budget will be recommended by our consultant but approved monthly by the practice. We will design the graphics for the ads and place the ads on the social media platforms that support the overall online marketing plan. Using detailed analytics, we will monitor and react as needed to revise the advertising to maximize the marketing budget. We will have a monthly web meeting with the practice to review the marketing/advertising results and discuss strategy for the coming month.

Online Reviews Managment

We are currently developing this service and it will be available soon. Please check back or contact Web Vision Centers for more information. Contact us....

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