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Web Presence is defined on Wikipedia as being "the appearance of a person or organization on the World Wide Web." Wow, that is a fairly broad definition, however it pretty much covers the true essence of what it is. Being a consultant, I tend to be a bit "wordy", so here is how I define Web Presence.

There are three major components that make up a Web Presence

  • First - It is the sum total of what people are saying (and will say in the future) about you or your company/practice on the various channels on the internet. These channels consist of many virtual places they might be talking; i.e. social media/networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), review sites or check-in sites (Yelp!, Foursquare, etc.), blogs, general email.
  • Second - It is also how easy it is for people to find you on the internet. This involves some technical stuff (like Search Engine Optimization/SEO and Social Media Optimization/SMO). Basically, it is how high you rank in search engine results when people type in search words/terms into a search engine (like Google or MSN). It is also how often your domain name (URL) shows up (or is linked to) in other websites, chat rooms or blogs.
  • Third – It is how well you engage with your patients/customers (and future patients/customers). This can happen in many different ways; for example, responding to patient's Facebook posts or Twitter tweets, emails you send (individual or in bulk mailings), e-newsletters, online contests, on-line surveys and many more. Basically, it is having a two way virtual interaction. That can be direct online interaction or providing patients a link or download for information.
Key point – People are already talking about you or your practice online. You can choose to just “let it happen” or you can enact a structured program to manage the process and turn it into an absolute positive thing that will help your practice grow.

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