About Us - Web Vision Centers

Web Vision Centers Helps ECPs and Optical Companies Manage And Improve Their Web Presence

We are a highly experienced coaching and consulting team helping ECPs and optical companies grow their practice/business using the power of the internet and social media.

The optical industry is undergoing dramatic changes. A lot of dynamics are affecting how our industry does business. With the growth of internet eyewear, significant changes in managed care, impending changes in healthcare and the overall shift in how the consumer thinks about eyecare, ECPs and retail chains need to rethink how they do business.

This is where we can help. With over 25 years of executive level experience in the optical industry and over six years of online experience, we are uniquely qualified to not only help optical companies/ECPs re-strategize ,but to help implement their new online direction.
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Web Vision Centers services include:
  • Consulting, education and training on how to thrive in the internet/social media world;
  • Helping ECPs and eyewear retailers develop and implement a web/social media strategy;
  • Setting up and developing tools (Facebook Pages, Twitter, blogs, review sites and more);
  • Providing presentations for events and company meetings (speaking, lecturing, workshops and webinars);
  • In-house coaching/consulting to train staff on how to manage social media and internet marketing campaigns;
  • Traditional optical business building consulting and teaching.

Bob Main, President and Founder of Web Vision Centers, is a 25+ year veteran of the optical industry with over six years dedicated to learning and understanding how to utilize the power of the internet to grow a practice/business. He is uniquely qualified to understand how to use internet marketing and social networking tools to grow an ECPs practice or retail optical company's bottom line. Learn more about Bob.