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PLAN A – The One-On-One Coaching Plan ($249 per month)

This plan is designed with the intent to teach the practice how to use social media so they can eventually do it on their own. This plan is targeted to be a 12 week, one-on-one intense social media training/monitoring process with the practice.

  • The first four-week period – A weekly web meeting call with the practice to train on posting, analytics and marketing on Facebook. We will also review other types of social media platforms (G+, Twitter, etc.).
  • The second four-week period – Several web meeting calls with the practice to review posting and marketing procedures with regular monitoring and feedback via email in between calls.
  • The third and final four-week period – Monitor the practice’s posts, marketing and review analytics. Coach the practice via email and video chat with suggestions and a final “graduation” web meeting call with ongoing strategy and recommendations.
  • If additional monitoring and tutoring is requested by the practice beyond the 12 week plan, then a monitoring and mentoring phase will be implemented at a charge of $149 per month.

Plan B – The Social Media Posting Plan ($179 per month)

This plan is designed for Web Vision Centers to post and execute a social media engagement program on two social media platforms for the practice. We will post (on the practice’s behalf) 3 to 4 times per week. We will communicate with the practice monthly to find out what is new and happening in the practice so the social media posts can be customized. A monthly analytics report will be sent to the practice to review results and agree on social media goals for each month.

Plan C – The Social Media Total Engagement Plan ($249 per month plus actual advertising costs – TBD)

This plan is designed to provide a full-service social media program for the practice. We will also develop a monthly online marketing plan using various social media platforms with the goal of keeping the practice’s “brand” in front of their patients and to attract new patients. The strategy, tactics and budget will be recommended by our consultant but approved monthly by the practice.

Additionally, the plan includes the following:

  • Web Vision Centers will post for the practice 3 to 4 times per week on several social media platforms
  • Design the graphics for the ads and place the ads on the social media platforms that support the overall online marketing plan.
  • Monitor (using detailed analytics) and react as needed to revise the advertising to maximize the marketing budget
  • Monthly web meeting with the practice to review the marketing/advertising results and discuss strategy for the coming month

Additional Avalable Services:

Facebook page development (or other social media platforms) - $299 one time flat fee or $179 if in conjunction with one of the above plans.

We will create, develop and upload a large banner graphic and profile photo for one social media site for the practice. We will also create, develop and upload up to three Facebook tabs (a monthly server rental fee of $25 per month will be required for Facebook Tabs).