Monthly Support Plans

Website and Facebook Page Monthly Support Plans

Once your website/Facebook page is finished and launched, you will need to select a monthly support plan. The plan can be as simple as a "hosting" plan (server cost to house your website files) to a comprehensive "take me to the next level" support program. We offer several options so that you can customize the needs of the practice to the services provided. Many practices start with Plan C and then reduce the services over time as the staff becomes more skilled at online marketing.

Plan A - Hosting Only Option (non-ecommerce)

- $39.00 per month for website server hosting only or

- $49.00 per month for Website and Facebook Tabs server hosting.*

Your website has to be parked on a server/computer somewhere, so this monthly fee is to “host” your site, maintain the server, host/manage the email accounts and park your domain name (if applicable). We will also make changes to your email accounts as requested.

* If we develop your Facebook Page, we add in up to eight “tab pages” that need off-site hosting. This additional charge is for the hosting only, not for additional changes to the Tab Pages.

Plan B – Web Coaching Program

- $149.00 per month

Once you have a professionally developed website and Facebook Page, you have the foundation of a great web presence. Now you can begin to use these web properties to grow your practice. Getting people to come to your website, and giving them a reason to engage with your Facebook page is the next step. Many practices are new to this concept. With the Web Coaching Program, we will help you and your staff learn how to maximize the new web properties. Basically, we will monitor your website and Facebook activity (using analytics programs), review the findings with you each month, make changes to your website and Facebook pages (based on the analytics reports), teach your staff how/what to post on Facebook to get patient engagement and help you set up internal/external programs to get more patients in the door. More specifically your monthly support includes:

• Website/Facebook hosting (as outlined in A above)

• Domain based email and email hosting

• Up to two hours each month of developer time to update website or Facebook page as needed/requested (Additional web changes can be made at reduced developer fees if requested, but usually not necessary)

• Prepare, send and review with you/staff (via web meeting) Google/Facebook analytics report monthly

• Website monitoring, evaluation and recommendations based on monthly analytics and analysis

• Work with practice to recommend/implement a patient engagement strategy and programs (i.e. Connect Card, e-newsletters, Facebook posting strategy, etc.)

• Our “phone call away” phone support program

Plan C – Total Online Marketing Program

- $299.00 per month

If you are ready to take your practice to the next level, and take advantage of awesome, practice-building power that the internet/social media has to offer, this is the program for you. The Total Online Marketing Program includes:

• Everything in the above Web Coaching Program (including web/Facebook Tabs hosting)

• Helping the practice set up a PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy and online marketing program, both on Google and Facebook (does not include direct marketing costs)

• Monitor, manage and review SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking and tactics

• Assist the practice in monitoring, managing and maximizing online review sites

• Set up/manage a LinkedIn profile/business page

• A monthly online review/strategy web meeting with the staff to insure every online opportunity is being maximized

Payment information:

We prefer to have all support programs be set up on an automatic payment plan. To offer maximum security for your credit card, we use PayPal to manage our payment plans. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service. Simply select your choice of plans from the drop-down menu below, click on the "subscribe" tab and follow the instructions to use your regular credit card (they accept most cards) to be set up for the automatic payments. Your credit card will be billed monthly. To cancel or modify your plan, email ( or call (385.275.7382).

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