Do I really need a new website?

What efforts/resources have gone into your current website (if you have one)? A website should be the “hub” of any online strategy. Yet, many ECPs think they can shortcut the web-building process by doing it themselves using free online software or having an unskilled friend do it for them. A well designed website should be built with the internet savvy consumer in mind, and typically an ECP does not have the training or skills to build a website that will engage, inform and educate visitors. A properly designed website will have good navigation, high resolution edited graphics/photos, video and content that will not only please visitors but will convince search engines to rank the site high in search results. This is the place to get “adult supervision”!
That is where we come in. We build custom websites for ECP practices. Watch the video above and compare what a well-designed website should look like to your site. If you need an upgrade or a total re-do, contact us and let us help you understand the process, the benefits and the investment.

What kind of investment are we talking about?

To better understand the process of selecting a developer for your new website, think of there being three different categories of web development companies:

Total “Do It Yourself” ($0 to $500+monthly fee)
  • Pick a Template
  • You Upload Content/Photos
  • You manage Updates and SEO
  • You do Marketing and Patient Engagement
2) Assisted Programs ($250 to $1,000 + monthly fee)
  • Pick a Template
  • They Help With Content/Photos
  • They Assist With Marketing and Patient Engagement

3) Customized Sites ($3k + monthly fee)
  • Customized Design
  • You Provide Content/Photos (take content/photos from a current website if you have one)
  • They Provide a Lot of Content
  • They/You Do Marketing and SEO

We are a custom web design company (like #3 above). All of our websites are designed, developed and built specifically for each practice. We spend the time necessary to understand the practice, what they do and what type of image they want to project. Click here to see a sample document we send the practice when beginning a new website project. Once that is established, then we set out to develop the site from scratch. We do not use templates or "stock" content that you might find on another website.

What is a good "next step" to learn more?

We realize that selecting a web design company is an important decision. To help you get comfortable with us and to get a bit more educated on the process, we suggest getting a free web assessment. We will set up a web meeting to review your current web properties (website, Facebook page, etc.). We will show you what we would recommend, some examples of sites we have built for ECPs and answer any questions you might have. This web assessment is, of course, no cost or obligation. You won't get any hard sell. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help improve your web presence.

Simply contact us via the "contact us" button below, email Bob Main directly at or give us a call at 801.253.4868